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The Difference Between Houses and Homes

Author: Paul Banks
08/09/2005 | | | Album Review
Just in case you were wondering, Cursive was a band long before Domestica and The Ugly Organ. Indeed, neither The Faint nor Bright Eyes captures the "Omaha Sound" quite like the Saddle Creek Records elder-statesmen. To mark the band's 10-year anniversary, the obligatory odds-'n-sods collection is in order, but, thankfully, this is not a simple mish-mash of drastically inferior material. Houses and Homes is a welcome collection of out-of-print 7" singles buttressed by two unreleased songs. Surprisingly, the time frame covered by the collection does not detract from the listening experience, rewarding Cursive-completists with moments of power punk and the angular guitar work the band has come to be known for.