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Cursive's Domestica

Author: Tim Scanlin
05/30/2000 | Sonic Net | | Album Review
(Un)Happily Married

A concept album inspired by the disintegration of Cursive singer Tim Kasher's marriage, Domestica is a harrowing exploration of emotional destitution. Although only 32 minutes in length, the album packs a powerful, lasting punch.

If song titles like "The Night I Lost the Will to Fight," "The Martyr" and "The Lament of Pretty Baby" aren't indication enough of the intense subject matter offered here, the lyrics leave no doubt. "I must learn to abort these feelings," Kasher screams convincingly on "The Casualty" (RealAudio excerpt), over pummeling stop-start guitar octaves, "this romance is

A four-piece based in Lawrence, Kan., Cursive transcend the obvious emo tag with adventurous arrangements, additional instrumentation, including piano on "Making Friends and Acquaintances" (RealAudio excerpt), and a pop sensibility that makes their lyrically dark songs oddly hummable.

Throughout Domestica, Kasher's tone is alternately indignant and pleading. "What did that prick whisper to you?" he asks his cheating lover on "The Game of Who Needs Who the Worst" (RealAudio excerpt). "Was it playful and flirty/ Or degrading and dirty/ I know you like it both ways."

But Kasher gives equal time on "The Radiator Hums." "This house is the hole you could never fill," he sings, taking on the voice of his adversary, "with rose-blossomed bouquets, vanities and loveseats."

Cursive's Domestica

Cursive's Domestica

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