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Cursive's Domestica

Author: EA
04/15/2000 | Muddle | Album Review
Cursive - "Cursive's Domestica" - LP - I once met Tim Kasher, singer/songwriter for Nebraska's Cursive, not too long ago. He seemed like a very nice fellow who was in high sprits. So when listening to "Cursive's Domestica" it seems like I met the wrong
guy, because there is no way in hell the guy I met wrote the songs on this record. "Cursive's Domestica" is filled to the breaking point with raw emotion and painfully poetic lyrics that are as disturbing and unnerving as they are beautiful. You can point the
finger at Kasher's recent divorce (hence the title) or the fact that he's stuck in Nebraska (that would do it for me), but he has done some serious soul-searching in making this record. The layout is very creative and stylistic, the lyrics are remarkable personal (almost voyeuristic), the guitars rain hard with static and melody, overall this is one the best records I have heard this year. (Saddle Creek)
Cursive's Domestica

Cursive's Domestica

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