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Author: Rob Albanese
05/11/2004 | | | Album Review
For band members the world over, the "side project" can be a hazardous undertaking. At their worst, alternative ventures from your main gig can expose an artist's creative limitations (think every Wu-Tang side project after 1996, excepting Ghostface's run of amazing records). But occasionally, outside ventures can wonderfully complicate a creative oeuvre, and simultaneously step out of that collection's shadow as a cohesive, stand-alone work.

Broken Spindles, the moniker of Joel Peterson, the bassist from Omaha's The Faint, more than fits into the latter category on fulfilled/complete, his sophomore release under the moniker Broken Spindles. Maintaining the sick, vital rhythmic sense that drives The Faint, Broken Spindles breaks the retro offDanse Macabre's retro-futurism, and steers toward lush industrial compositions, complete with string quartet and Petersen's vocals (which were absent from Spindles' debut). fulfilled/complete is thoroughly compelling, until it reaches its closer, "The Dream," and becomes urgent, essential listening. As Petersen whispers "complete" over an undulating drum sequence, we're left hoping that he's nowhere close to being so.


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