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Author: Nat Evatt
05/02/2004 | | | Feature
The Omaha based Saddle Creek Records has quickly become known as the Indie label. Saddle Creek has made a name for itself through the success of such groups as Bright Eyes, Cursive, The Faint, Rilo Kiley, Azure Ray and many others. One of the more recent additions to the Saddle Creek family Joel Petersonís (of the Faint) solo project, Broken Spindles. Broken Spindles' first CD, self titled, which was released in 2001 off Tiger Style began as an instrumental soundtrack for a friend's video. Since then the group has moved to Saddle Creek records, developed vocals, and created a very solid new album, "Fulfilled/Complete." Similar to the Faint, the new full length is predominantly an 80's throwback, synthesizer driven affair, although many aspects of rock still show through. Showcasing their musical diversity, Fullfilled/Complete assaults the ears with a rich variety of sounds; there are energetic synth-rock songs including my personal favorite song Move Away (check out the featured music section to get a listen) and Events and Affairs. Other great songs such as Induction, Song No Song, and Harm display the intricate instrumental musicianship of Broken Spindles. Fulfilled/Complete is a great CD that any fan of the Faint should definitely pick up.

How is Broken Spindles different from the Faint?
Well the simple answer is broken spindles is me whereas the faint is 1/5th me.

Why did you decide that you needed another project?
I feel i am in a very creative/motivated point in my life right now and all i want to do is make stuff. so I guess i needed some sort of outlet for this.

What instruments were used on the new CD?
Lots of things. a lot of electronics and synths, electric guitar and bass, hammered dulcimer, wurlitzer electric piano, an upright piano, cello, viola, violin, and human voice. I am sure more than this but that is what I remember right now.

Why did you choose to add vocals to this CD?
It didnt really seem like much of a decision. basically I was working on the song 'to die, for death' and for whatever reason i started humming a vocal line rather than a keyboard or guitar riff. so i went with it.

What is the music scene like in Omaha?
It is good, I went to a show last night and it was packed. That is a good sign.

Why did the first CD come out Tiger Style Records and the new one on Saddle Creek?
Well since all the records Ihave ever been envolved with had come out on saddle creek I guess I wanted to try out something else. See if the grass was greener on the other side. But I found out it is a very good thing to know and trust a record label. Tiger Style and I did not communicate very well, no hard feelings, we just didn't get each other.

Do you have anything to say about Saddle Creek? I understand that you guys are all pretty close friends.
They have never messed up with me...yet. It is something i cant help but feel proud of, seeing my friends get to do exactly what they want in life. That is great.

On some of the more guitar driven tracks I catch a hint of No Knife. Are you familiar with No Knife or possibly a fan?
No, I am not familiar with No Knife. I will try and check them out.

Who do you think are some of the up and coming artists right now?
There is a new guy on saddle creek who does a thing called bright eyes. Great songs.

What are your plans or hopes with Broken Spindles?
I plan to do a u.s. tour this june. Ihope people come and have a good time.

Do you find your attention torn between the Faint and your Broken Spindles?
Not really, I have always been pretty good at managing my time and energy.

Do you think that your new project may ever catch up to the popularity of the Faint?
I doubt it, but that would be cool.

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