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Author: Shane Handler
05/02/2004 | | | Album Review
Unearthing a side project that borders on spectral instrumentals and acerbic pieces, Joel Peterson's solo project Broken Spindles wraps a one-man band spirit into a multi-faceted spectrum. The bassist for the Omaha, Nebraska-based new-wave band, The Faint, releasesFulfilled/Complete, Peterson's second album under the distinct Broken Spindles title for the independent Saddle Creek label.

In the solemn, "To Die, For Death," Peterson releases the grievous lines, "ready to die, ready for death" over a scratchy beat that conjures The Orb. "Move Away" entangles dance club noir, with a pulsing rhythm over swirling mopey vocals. Building upon the multi-instrumental approach of his previous work, Peterson adds vocals and a string element to sections of his work. The stark piano intro of "Practice, Practice, Preach," along with the accompanied string section is an ambitious effort to fulfill the album's lopsided emotions. The ethereal-meets-agonized howl of "Italian Wardrobe" has motion picture soundtrack shined across its frame, and garners praise for reminding us that Broken Spindles are no retro clone –but indeed a project with intent. Fulfilled/Complete maynot satisfy all musical cravings, but it does hit on many welcoming cylinders.


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