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Author: Dave Mandell
05/01/2004 | | | Album Review
Broken Spindles is Joel Petersen from The Faint. This is the first line of the press kit, and pretty much covers his affiliations; don't expect a truly accessible, pop-oriented electro-rock album here, because you will be sorely disappointed. Instead, Petersen has given us a smart, fluid record of seemingly ADHD inspired dark tunes that will lead you on rollercoaster of mood and vibe.

Broken Spindles seems to be trying after the darker electronic music sounds of the late eighties and early nineties, but with a myriad of head spinning influences and allusions. Fulfilled/Complete plays like a revamped, modernized Skinny Puppy or early Ministry record, with the more intricate elements of Psychic TV or Coil crossed together with electro-pop sensibilities. Musically the album is both relaxing and energetic, and not at all abrasive: this is dark, mildly industrial work that is beautifully morose and technically impressive.

Though a thoroughly enjoyable album, Petersen seems to be a bit too across the map at times, and though the varied styles flow well into each other, they tend to leave the listener slightly confused at the end of the record, as if unsure of what they've actually heard or even being able to recall most of it. Personally, I find that appealing, but I think it will likely detract from most listeners' concepts of the quality of this release, which is actually quite high. I recommend giving it a few listens before passing on this one; you'll likely be pleasantly surprised.


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