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Author: Chess Haistar
03/25/2004 | | | Album Review
I first heard of Broken Spindles over a year ago, when their first record was highlighted in music store displays as a "side project of the Faint's Joel Peterson". Wary of an offshoot album feeding off its parent's current success, I steered clear. Afterall, bass players that do side projects? Come on...

Then a promo copy of Broken Spindles' sophomore album, Fulfilled/Complete, landed in my lap.

Now, I am a fan of Mouse on Mars, Herbert, Aphex Twin, and, of course, the Faint, so maybe it's no wonder that this album, which sounds reminiscent of all four acts, had me smiling from beginning to end.

Some songs sound like a subdued version of the Faint, while others almost purely classical/electronic hybrids (tracks 1, 3, 6, 9) serve as nice soothing lulls in between the harder hitting, bass thumping vocal tracks. These intrumentals are quite lovely...track 9, in particular, reminds me of something off of NIN's The Fragile.

This album is not for everyone. Nitwits that need catchy hooks in every song in order to like a band probably won't appreciate Broken Spindles. For you non-nitwits, however, I recommend this record; throughout, Fulfilled/Complete smacks of smart electronic music with orchestral flavor, making me realize a bass player's solo side project can be good.



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