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Author: Matt Schild
10/24/2005 | Cityguide San Diego | | Live Show Preview
Over the past few years, The Faint's been a busy band. It toured several times (once supporting No Doubt). It released a record that wowed critics (2001's 'Danse Macabre'). It even spent time taking offers from major labels (all of which were ultimately passed on). That should be a pretty busy schedule, right?

Apparently not busy enough for bassist Joel Peterson. Since his main band's last album, Peterson has found time to release a pair of albums with his side project Broken Spindles. Upping the electro-rock ante from The Faint's new-wave leanings, Peterson's side project relies more on programming than guitar-and-drum instrumentation. That alone makes Broken Spindles' electronic futurism a stark contrast with The Faint's '80s nostalgia. The Faint's success casts a long shadow over Broken Spindles, but Peterson's songwriting is sharp enough to keep his side project from sounding as if he's riding his full-time band's coattails.

Sometimes glitchy with electronic noise, other times sleepy and wrapped in ambient sound, Broken Spindles showcases Peterson's knack for merging a wide swath of modern electronic music into a compact package.


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