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Author: Steve Forstneger
08/10/2005 | Illinois Entertainer | | Album Review
Latest Saddle Creek effort from Faint/Beep Beep man Joel Peterson.

If the music history books ever stoop to including a piece about indie rock, Saddle Creek Records deserves mention not necessarily for their roster, but for proof that simply shining a light on a scene can unveil some missing links.

Aside from that legacy, there's the confidence put forth by Conor Oberst that has manifested itself in albums by Azure Ray and now Faint bassist Joel Peterson's Broken Spindles. Essentially a half-hour demo, he doesn't so much expand the Creek legacy as expand upon its parameters. Peterson ranges from Reich admiration ("Inward"), anxious and dirty Euro-funk ("Please Don't Remember This"), and the pulsating ("Birthday") as a Jack Of All, Master Of None.


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