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08/09/2005 | | | Album Review
Joel Peterson is the bassist for The Faint. Broken Spindles is not The Faint. In fact, if I had to put a face on Inside/Absent, which ironically is my job, I would have to say it reminds me of a senior seminar art project. There are glimpses of genius, but mostly, it's just sort of an experiment in getting stuff out of the artist's head.

There are a couple of songs that are pretty cool on Inside/Absent. I really like "This Is an Introduction;" it's basically dysfunction with a really good beat: I bought a house / And I live with my love / She left her city to be with me / I'm gone all the time / And she is thinking pretty hard about leaving me. Is this autobiographical?

I also like "Birthday." Maybe that's because I'm writing this on my birthday…but seriously. This song is a really depressing look at getting older and the decrepitude that creeps up on all of us as the years pass. (yeah, most of you have no idea what I'm talking about) Not a perky track, but deliciously morbid with tinkling piano and monotone vocals.

Then there's the downside. Ever been stuck in a horror film? The majority of the tracks on this disc sound like they could have been used in one, and it's hard to really "enjoy" listening to a lot of it. "Inward," the opening instrumental, "Desaturated" and "Valentine" are prime examples of this. It's almost like you're listening to Poltergeist without the picture…DON'T OPEN THE DOOR!!

I recognize Peterson's talent in the way one admires art students for their passion and deep convictions. I just think this particular artistic venture is a little too gratuitous to be close to commercially viable or even very listenable on a regular basis.


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