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Author: Ray Harkins
10/02/2004 | | | Album Review
Most are familiar with the electro-dance super group from Omaha called The Faint as they lit the indie world on fire with their "Blank-Wave Arcade" release that made kids who normally wouldn't dance, well, dance. Obviously side-projects crop up when a band becomes of some note and Broken Spindles was a product of this as it features Joel from The Faint.

With his first full-length on Tiger Style, it basically was less than good. It just sounded like a mish-mash of self indulgent hours in front of the computer screen and using the program fruity loops a little too much. Regardless, with Saddle Creek picking up the second full-length you would imagine that the quality was stepped up a notch and one can assume correct. This is an impressive work of almost Nine Inch Nail-ish quality. It remains melodic and fun but retaining a sense of urgency that is hard to capture in the electronic field.

While The Faint shows no signs of slowing down with their impressive full length "Wet From Birth", Joel Petersen obviously will be kept busy with both Broken Spindles taking on some touring as well as The Faint's hectic schedule. Regardless most should not overlook this gem of a release for fans of The Faint, NIN and electronic music in general


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