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Author: Andrew Parks
06/03/2004 | Philadelphia City Paper | | Live Show Preview
Keeping track of the extended Anticon. collective is like cataloging Guided By Voices box sets. Unless you're a blind fan, it takes too much time to trim the bloated and pompous from the streamlined and progressive. Restiform Bodies is one of the more promising branches of Anticon.'s rather fucked family tree. The vocals are poppy and the production surprisingly pleasant: all broken beats and electronic noise processed by eBay equipment. See recent solo record The Forcefield Kids (Anticon.) from Restiform member Passage for further recommended listening.

Continuing with this week's self-indulgent side-project theme we have Broken Spindles, the creative spigot of The Faint's Joel Peterson. The arty bassist walks an odd but compelling line between the clubby and the classical. Fulfilled: Complete(Saddle Creek) is either delicate, grazing the ear with piano soliloquies or compressed instrumentals, or rocky and robotic, pounding the chest with coke-bug beats, guitar squalls and Peterson's Edge-like monotone. Bassists have talent too, you know.


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