Broken Spindles


Broken Spindles started as a favor to friend. He wanted unreleased, instrumental music for a video project and asked if I would write a track for him. It had been quite a while since I’d thought about writing songs outside the collaboration of a band, so this interested me. Soon thereafter I began writing and something unanticipated happened; a surge of ideas started pouring out of me, which lead to three tracks, instead of one, with still more wanting to be born. So, after a few months of just getting them out of my head and into my laptop, I had what I thought to be an album, but in my haste I knew I had skipped the important part of making them sound a hundred percent. For this final step, I called and asked Mike Mogis if he would help me finish what would be my first album.

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Stream Twinsmith’s title track Alligator Years

March 3, 2015

Stream the title track of Twinsmith’s new record “Alligator Years” at FLOOD Magazine!

They’re also out on tour and will be at SXSW. Check tour dates here.

Maria Taylor vinyl

March 2, 2015

We’re pressing Maria Taylor’s first two albums on vinyl for the first time! 11:11 & Lynn Teeter Flower are available for Pre-order now.


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