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Every Day and Every Night

Author: Jim Testa
12/01/1999 | Jersey Beat | Album Review
Conor Oberst is a high-school student whose fiercely intelligent, tragically depressed songwriting and vocals form the heart of the lo-fi, mostly-acoustic ,Nebraska-based teenaged combo known as Bright Eyes. Oberst is far from unique - Ben Kweller, Daniel Johns, and Ben Lee were all making amazing music at the same tender age - but while those other kids had major label contracts in their pockets and arena-rock dreams in their eyes, Oberst's soul is filled with nothing but pain and disillusionment. In fact, "Every Day And Every Night" is a bit less harrowing than Bright Eyes' last CD, which began with the nihilistic line "I fell for the promise of a future with a purpose, but I know now that it will never be|" You have to go back to the first Throwing Muses album and the heart-wrenching, gut-wrenching self-loating of Kristin Hersh's "Hate My Way" to find anything akin to Bright Eyes. For Conor's sake, I hope he cheers up a bit. For all our sakes, I pray he keeps making music this moving and dramatic.