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Every Day and Every Night

Author: [PW]
11/16/1999 | Other Music Catalog. | Album Review
Passionate songwriting sometimes seems like a lost art form, until a record like this comes along. Songwriter Conor Oberst's lyrics spill out naturally, recalling the distinct vocal style and delivery (at times) of either early Smog or Violent Femmes, only lacking the especially self-conscious nature of both of those groups. Sometimes singing, sometimes yelling, Bright Eyes crackle earnestly, complimented by their twangy, stripped-down arrangements and driving guitar. This 5-song EP is one of the most refreshing "indie rock" releases to hit OM in quite some time. Condensed angst, the sound of a heart rubbed raw.


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Cassadaga (Remastered)

Cassadaga (Remastered)

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