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Every Day and Every Night

10/28/1999 | Ink Blot Magazine | | Album Review
Bright Eyes reaffirm my faith in purely honest songwriting. From the minute I put on Every Day and Every Night I immediately fell in love. Conor Oberst ups the ante on the wave of lo-fi loners stuck in their bedrooms with an old Tascam. 19 year-old Conor and his cohorts bring an authenticity to the indie scene that is, in my opinion, well overdue. Every Day and Every Night is a refreshingly confessional record that is unabashedly sensitive and emotionally infecting. Conor's insight and romantic vision are enough to make you relive those teenage tears of lost love while tearing down the highway in your beat up ol' Dodge. But don't let this young man's age convince you it's only adolescent sophistry at work - this is a man with the vision and heart of a modern day John Donne. "A Perfect Sonnet" just might have the most beautiful lyrics ever written. You can quote me on that. "A Perfect Sonnet" is that poem you always wanted to write about your first true love that got away, but it's much better than you could ever do: "...but I believe that lovers should be tied together, thrown into the ocean in the worst of weather, and left there to drown in their innocence." Conor's unique voice with its wavering intimacy makes each one of these songs so engaging. Every bit of Bright Eyes' latest release is just absolutely beautiful. I truly cannot describe to you how much I love this record, you owe it to yourself to discover it.

For fans of: The Violent Femmes, Sebadoh, Jeremy Enigk