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Lifted or The Story is in the Soil....

Author: Maurice S. Teilmann
08/13/2002 | Synthesis | | Album Review
Bright Eyes mastermind Conor Oberst may be the most earnest, heartfelt songwriter this country has (n)ever known. Lifted plays out like a diary as Conor's impassioned wavering voice imparts personal tales of family life and struggles with drugs, alcohol and sexual relationships. The words are touchingly personal, yet not embarrassingly blatant. This album is intriguing on many levels; often, songs use odd recording ambiences and microphone locations and flow jaggedly between field recordings and noise collage intermissions. Orchestral arrangements, rustic and haunting acoustic guitars, pocket-suave drumming, bawdy bar singing, beautiful melodies about ugly and difficult subjects and manic discourse leave the listener reeling from an overload of information, yet ready for another go at the 73-minute CD. And "Lover I Don't Have To Love" demands to be repeated over and over again.


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Cassadaga (Remastered)

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