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Oh Holy Fools

Author: Erik A. Haberstroh
04/25/2001 | Slamm | | Album Review
Indie-rock has been keeping a keen eye on wondor boy Conor Oberst for some time now, pariently waiting for him to mature into the next Elliott Smith. He comes one step closer on the new album from his band, Bright Eyes, a record split with fellow Omaha natives Son, Ambulance.

Bright Eyes' main distinction is Oberst's incredible storytelling, as well as impressive arrangements that include mandolin, vibraphone, piano, trumpet, and guitars. Instrumental experimentation is a trademark of Omaha indie rock, with bands like the Faint consistently adding new dimensions to what's being listened to by kids in Converse. Bright Eyes contributes slow, intensly touching folk-rock that needs patience to be appreciated -- and having a touch of depression won't hurt either. Son, Ambulance playes slow rock as well -- but, in contrast to Bright Eyes, their music is marred by immature lyrics and a stale sound.

For Bright Eyes, Oh Holy Fools is an accomplished follow-up to last year's celebrated Fevers and Mirrors.
Oh Holy Fools

Oh Holy Fools

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