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Every Day and Every Night

Author: EA
11/01/1999 | Muddle | Album Review
What Conor Oberst has is something special. His ability to pen songs from the heart is unlike that of any singer since Brian Wilson. Oberst's song arrangements travel far from his earlier days of four-track bedroom pop to a new sound that is more polished and flattering to his mumbled vocals. Also with this EP, Oberst's lyrics are just as dark as his previous efforts, especially when he shouts out the awkward chorus of I believe that lovers should be tied together and thrown into the ocean in the worst of weather... and left there to drown in innocence" from the secong song, A Perfect Sonnet". Oberst's talent is so immense that is remarkably out of place in this review section filled with second rate emo bands and various pop-punk acts. Instead, the music of Bright Eyes should be recognized on a much higher level, for that is were Oberst's talent lies (Saddle CreeK) - EA