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Motion Sickness 7"

Author: Lewk
11/06/2007 | | | Album Review
Bright Eyes / 'motionSickness' b/w 'Soon You Will Be Leaving Your Man'
(Blood Of The Young)

Once when I was talking about Bright Eyes' last LP Fevers & Mirrors, I said something along the lines of "It's going to be hard for him to ever outdo this album." A few months later I see this 7''. I bought it. How wrong can one human be? This record, simply put, is phenomenal... amazing... genius. With a haunting A Side and a hopeful B Side this 7'' is a wonderful way to get yourself acquainted with Bright Eyes. If you are already familiar this is a must have. In true old school Bright Eyes fashion this was recorded in a bedroom, but done so very well. You get the honest sound of the home recording without sacrificing quality. Please do yourself a favour and pick this up.