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Lifted or The Story is in the Soil....

Author: Kurt Morris
10/04/2002 | Action Attack Helicopter | | Album Review
Things that bothered me about the new Bright Eyes: 1) I had to pay for this. Twelve bucks, to be exact. While that may not seem like a great crime to you, for someone who hasn't had to pay for a new release in the past couple years, it kind of sucks. 2) A paper/cardboard case holding the CD both of which were exactly the same. Why make a special case that is exactly the same as the outside of the CD? Save us a dollar off the purchase price and forego the needless case. 3) Conor seemed to be sober throughout the record. If he can do that for an entire record, how come he can't do that for his shows? (Must...not...become...jaded). 4) No one except you and your friends want to hear stupid intros to songs (e.g. "The Big Picture" "Let's Not Shit Ourselves"). Shit like that makes it hard to take otherwise decent songs and play them on your college radio station or record them for a mix tape/CD. 5) I'm sure it's been brought to your attention already, but you might want to make sure the booklet is printed correctly before you package the CDs (mine had the lyrics that went from song four to ten then to six and then song ten was in there again. Oh, it's alright...I didn't want to actually read the lyrics to the best song on here, i.e. song five). 6) You can usually be sure that non-musical things you think are clever and witty and worth putting on a recording will only be found clever and witty by other people the first time they hear it. After that, they don't want to hear it. In fact, it's probably safe to say that after that, their level of annoyance will rise exponentially in regards to each time they have to hear said witty/clever idea (e.g. the girl messing up in the middle of "False Advertising" and saying, "I'm sorry!" and then Conor replying, "no, that's okay." Most studios would re-record the song if that happened. Evidently Presto! Studios can't afford to do-retakes) 7) You got practically everyone from Saddle Creek to be a part of this recording and NO TIM KASHER?! 8) As much as Spin, Rolling Stone and big shot music publications and critics want you to think this release is THE SHIT, the fact of the matter is that Conor's been doing this type of music for years and in a bigger view, it's nothing that much different than Elliott Smith and Mark Kozelek. Your big rock publications have just had their heads too far up their asses to realize there's good music out there that's not on major labels. 9) If you know you're supposed to do an interview, don't get drunk before it and then refuse to do it because you're too drunk. Yeah, that has nothing to do with the album, but I'm still pissed it happened to me. 10) Ideas for making an album unique and creative such as throwing in a country-esque tune ("Bowl of Oranges", "Laura Laurent") are actually really tired, boring and predictable. I think every singer/songwriter has done this before in order to "branch out" or some other shit like that. If I wanted to listen to some real country type music, I'd go get the back catalog of Wilco, Son Volt, Uncle Tupelo, go see Hank III or something along those lines. 11) Setting up the mics on the other side of the room (or whatever the hell you did on "The Big Picture") is not "hip". On the contrary, it gets REALLY old, REALLY quick.
Good stuff about the new Bright Eyes: 1) That song "Lover I Don't Have To Love" is one damn fine piece of songwriting. Do more of that and less of the other stuff on here.


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