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04/01/1998 | | Album Review
Top Cuts: Saturday As Usual, I Watched You Taking Off, One Straw (Please)
I'm doing something I don't normally do here, and that's putting out a bad review. Normally, I'll hold off writing a bad one because I'd rather help the artist, and if that means not publishing a review, so be it. However, this one is a special case. Bright Eyes is 17 year-old Conor Oberst, also featured on the Saddle Creek Compilation, and although the quality of this recording leaves something to be desired, the songwriting does not. This is analog four-track, so it's pretty lo-fi, but if you pay attention to the songs themselves you'll find a style long past his 17 years, and a knack for writing songs that could easily be retrofitted into the rock/pop genre. Oberst also contributes to another couple bands, Commander Venus and Park Ave., both of which are also worth watching. This disc may not be worth remembering, but the artist is one you're bound to hear from again.


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