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Lifted or The Story is in the Soil....

Author: driver
08/23/2002 | | | Album Review
I had heard very little about Bright Eyes when I got this record. Many people seem to love him, but there are quite a few who told me to throw the CD into the trash without listening to it. As soon as I put record in something came upon me that was odd.

To be honest I listen to hardcore/metalcore by choice, but I will never remove this CD from my car. This record is simply a masterpiece. Probably the first CD I haven't really heard about that I actually like. This guy and his back up musicians can make or break your emotional barrier with a single note. Songs like "Lover I Don't Have to Love" and "False Advertising" hit you right at the heart about days in your life where you couldn't bare the burdens put upon you. What is strange is I am a optimistic person and I love his depressing songs because they beautifully orchestrated. On the other hand he has tempo pick ups that will get you clapping along and singing the words. Simply, Conor Oberst is a musical genius.

Musician changes is very common on Bright Eyes records. Some songs feature certain musicians as other tracks will feature a completely different band or orchestra. It's something that you don't see often, but somehow Conor is able to pull it off perfectly. With influences ranging from Country to Folk to Emo to Pop Bright Eyes seems to be the most potent blend of music in my collection. There are too many musicians to list and talk about in this review, but simply understand that every single individual who contributed to this album deserves a fucking round of applause.

This album is getting a 4.5 from me. I know that it will be a classic to me, but I am not sure if pop culture will accept this enough to make it a classic nationally. I suggest every musician to own a copy of this CD and learn from it. Bright Eyes Rocks !!!


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