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Lifted or The Story is in the Soil....

Author: jason
08/13/2002 | Clamor Magazine | Album Review
Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes changed my life a year ago when I came across the Fevers and Mirrors album. I didn't understand their popularity at all the first few times through; it seemed dramatic, pretentious and void of any true emotion-another average attempt at a genre entirely saturated with medicority and unwarrated vanity. The perfect example of why I didn't listen to the bands that were coming out, but stuck with the solid few entangled within my roots.

Entirely against my will, I started to hear it. That instead of the emulation of emotion, this was the real thing. That this didn't have anything to do with what labels, tours, riders and egos. This was far more akin to how music began in the first place and why it became a popular medium- the expression of an idea not only to rid yourself of demons, but to allow someone else to understand your existance and by that, feel a part of something larger.

What I had originally heard as pretention is now clearly someone conveying something real, significant and new with an agility that blows my mind.

My experience with the newest Bright Eyes album has been a similar progression. It's true- when I put it in, I wanted a new set of songs to make Fevers and Mirrors the double album it wasn't, and that is definitely not what's here. The first few times I heard it, the distinct country flavor mixed in with the melancholy I'm used to did not sit well at all. But as it always seems to be, after a few listens, the distinct honesty of Conor's voice comes through and out of nowhere, the album is brilliant. He writes the lyrics I wish I did, says all the things I didn't know I wanted to hear.
After being accausted by so many bands that fall within such easily defined and predictable terms, their sketchy motives so dissapointingly obvious, listening to Bright Eyes allows calmness in the knowledge that geniuine things are still being created.


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