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The People's Key

8/4/11 | | | Live Show Preview
Hipsters converged on Paper Mill island park in Baldwinsville to watch The Mountain Goats and Bright Eyes perform. The island itself was a great venue that had plenty of space and it was easy to see the bands perform from almost anywhere around the island, except for in the crowd. Especially if a 6ft tall giant girl who decided the best place to see is directly in front of you. I suppose you can guess what happened to me. I have to say, I wasn't really that impressed with The Mountain Goats, they were like Steven Colbert leading The Hold Steady, but not as interesting as that would be. Their enthusiasm was commendable though. Bright Eyes started off strong playing their set pumping out hits like Four Winds, Easy, Lucky, Free, Arc of Time, First Day of My Life, Bowl of Oranges, as well as newer songs like Shell Games and Jejune Stars. The highlight of the show for me was The Brakeman Turns My Way. Such a solid song. The set lagged toward the end and people started shuffling out before the show was over, ultimately after a super funky band intro the show ended with the spoken word intro off of The People's Key. Overall, the show was worth it, and I hope more bands come out to the Paper Mill Island.
The People's Key

The People's Key

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