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The People's Key

Author: David Smyth
2/11/11 | London Evening Standard | | Record Review
Nebraskan indie figurehead Conor Oberst has suggested that this will be his final album as Bright Eyes. It certainly sounds like the end of his world, opening with a Texan voice rambling about shape-shifting lizards over portentous synths and skeletal guitar. It also signals a shift away from the acoustic folk of Oberst's recent albums under this and other names, both towards powerful rock on Jejune Stars and blissful electronica on the swooning closer, One for You, One for Me. The tunes are more hummable, especially on Haile Selassie, and his voice is less wobbly and tortured than it once was, though his lyrics seem as impenetrable as ever. He's on fine form, and we haven't heard the last of him.
The People's Key

The People's Key

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