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Oh Holy Fools

Author: Scott Hatch
03/30/2001 | | | Album Review
Bright Eyes/Son, Ambulance - Oh Holy Fools (Saddle Creek)
Bright Eyes- s/t 7" (Blood of the Young)

I am tired of you Conor Oberst. You are young and snotty. Your recording qualities were endearing on the overwhelmingly acclaimed 2000 release, Fevers and Mirrors. However, you are much too comfortable with being in the spotlight in a faux "shunning the spotlight" sort of way. I am tired of indie zines talking you up. I do like your songs, the melodies and lyrics are amazingly complex and interesting, and, daresay, beautiful. However, your vocals are best done far away from any adjectives that bring to mind "emo", "emotional", or any sort of variation that might be associated with any of your Midwestern compatriots.

As for including Joe Knapp's (your roommate) band, Son, Ambulance on this split, forget it. Son, Ambulance are rehashed Belle and Sebastian derivatives that are not interesting. I try and try to find enjoyment in those songs, but they fall flat. Tell him to work much more before his full-length comes out. Even more annoying, his tracks intertwine with yours, so I cannot forget. I found the solution, I made a CD-R with only your songs. That makes me happy.

However, the 2 songs on your brand new 7" make me happier still. You have forgotten that you are tragically sad, and pretend to be simply delicately melancholy, a far more accessible trait for all of the indie rockers trying to escape any sense of emo whining. Your vocals are finally excellent here. Cursive/The Good Life's Tim Kasher recorded you naked and pure with a guitar and keyboards on "soon you will be leaving your man." Recording "motionsickness" on the road suits you well, knocking a song quickly to tape, simple, and stripped down. I love the 7". You should make piles of records filled with these songs, piles and piles and piles. They would be so amazing that my words would insufficiently describe.
Oh Holy Fools

Oh Holy Fools

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