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letting off the Happiness

Author: KY
05/15/1999 | Mod Magazine | | Album Review
Omaha, Nebraska's Conor Oberst eports his songs from the bedroom environs in which they were created in hopes of extending their playful antics by allowing others to join in the frolic of their recording. Along with various alumni from outfits such as Neutral Milk Hotel, Cursive, and Lullaby for the Working Class, Conor (and producer Mike Mogis) breathes a new life into his repertoire: his previous album, A Collection of Songs...was a collection of self-evident singularly-focused diary-pop songs. Utilizing new tools, such as piano, keyboards and samples, Oberst's song-writing has gained a lot of ground, especially now that he has left his house to record in other venues. The structure of the songs till hinges on personal exploration using a pop narrative structure, but like a master - the songs stick to the canvas for an eternity of onlookers to gaze and wonder at.


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Cassadaga (Remastered)

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