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Fevers and Mirrors

5/29/2000 | Metro (England) | Album Review
Nebraska's Bright Eyes are one of the first bands to be signed by Wichita - the new label set up by ex-Creation managers Dick Green and Mark Bowen. Forget Oasis for compressed anger: Bright Eyes take soft instruments such as flutes, xylophones, mandolins, and pianos and weave them into thorny briars of pent-up rage. Frontman Conor Oberst has an extraordinary voice, all trembling, barely controlled feeling, and, indeed, the power of Fevers and Mirrors lies in it's tension; each song feels on the verge of exploding into something unbearable. Oberst stops just before the line and it's enough. An extraordinary, wildly beautiful record.

***** Five Stars

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Fevers and Mirrors

Fevers and Mirrors

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