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Letting off the Happiness

Author: Mahlon Orrin
11/02/1998 | The Glass Eye | Album Review
I can kind of get into this. I'll pigeon-hole it for now in the drippy, heart-on-the-sleeve SUPER-emo emo rock. Extremely lo-fi, half acoustic guitar recorded in a bedroom, the rest crazy studio tricks and a whole mess of instruments you wouldn't expect to hear from an 'emo' band. It's not even really a band. It's one young kik, probably between 16 and 21 (age was not specified) who writes songs about how girls screw him over. He sings like he's trying to fall out of tune, but still can't seem to sound all that bad. I like it, but it's something that i really have to be in the mood to listen to, like the same mood that i listen to Radiohead or Mineral in. This kid sings about that mood a lot: "...and so i drink to stay warm, and to kill selected memories because I just can't think anymore about that or about her tonight/ I give myself three days to feel better or else I swear I am driving off a fucking cliff." I've been in htat mood a lot lately, but only because it has been so cold and crappy lately. I probably won't be in that mood over the summer, so this CD will go in the closet with my sweaters and it get spun again next winter. If you dig crying and thinking about all that you've lost and bands like the Promise Ring and Mineral with the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion production job, get this.


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