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Four Winds

Author: Jonathan Napolitano
04/09/2007 | | | Album Review
If Bright Eyes fans were expecting to hear the same kind of music from their latest EP titled Four Winds, well they're all in for a surprise. Lead signer and song writer, Conor Oberst, certainly took a different approach this time around, making this album sound a bit more like "vintage rock'n'roll," with a splash of country and folk mixed in there as well.

With only six songs on the album, "Four Winds" and "Reinvent the Wheel" get things started, followed by a folksy "Smoke Without Fire." But then, it's off for a rock'n'roll feel with "Stray Dog Freedom," the indistinct country-rock of "Cartoon Blues," while finishing it off with a sort of eerie folk song, "full of harmonica and tapping feet," titled "Tourist Trap."

Throughout his way as an up-and-coming artist, Oberst always seems to be trying to find new sounds for his songs and this album is no different in that sense. Four Winds will give listeners a much more up-tempo and up-beat side of the band, without losing the ability to deliver the usual twisted sociopolitical lyrics that most Bright Eyes fans are already used to.

However, with the presence of an upbeat note throughout most of the album, Oberst continues to always sing like he's on the verge of shedding tears when he screams from the heart.

Along with this album, Bright Eyes also has another album about to hit stores April 10, titled Cassadaga, and if the Four Winds EP is just a taste of what's up ahead for the band, well then we should all be thankful for being Bright Eyes fans.
Rating: 8.5
Four Winds

Four Winds

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Cassadaga (Remastered)

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