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Four Winds

Author: Jessica Suarez
02/23/2007 | | | Album Review
Just a couple o' days ago we were talking about Bright Eyes' new single, "Four Winds", and now-- already-- the track's accompanying video has gone all internet. Back in the heady days of early this week, we said this about "Four Winds":

"All your old apocalypse pals are here: decomposing bodies, the whore of Babylon, and yes, even 'great Satan' himself. Naturally, Oberst remains upbeat-- almost optimistic-- employing none of his vocals' trademark warbles or weepiness. It makes sense, in a way: sing about the end of the world, sound happy. Sing about breakups, sound like it's the end of the world."

None of that shows up in the black and white video, though. Instead, Oberst and band (here including ex-Azure Ray, now solo artist Maria Taylor on drums) perform for a stone-faced crowd of vaguely Midwestern, maybe Southern folk. You'd think the fiddle and Biblical lyrics would win over the county-fair crowd, but apparently not: As the song progresses, they begin bombarding Oberst with trash and booing loudly. How we wish it would end: frame zooms in on Oberst's face, film switches to color, then it zooms out again and onto Madison Square Garden, where he's pelted with panties. Oberst looks confused, then relieved. It was all a dream....or was it?!?!
Four Winds

Four Winds

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