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Four Winds

Author: Jessica Suarez
02/21/2007 | | | Album Review
A couple weeks back we featured "Tourist Trap", from Bright Eyes' upcoming
EP. A typically somber offering, it's a far cry from the EP's title track,
"Four Winds". Here, Conor Oberst is his usual fire-and-brimstone self,
framed by fiddles that lend a homespun country charm to a track that...
well, details the end of the world.

All your old apocalypse pals are here: decomposing bodies, the whore of
Babylon, and yes, even "great Satan" himself. Naturally, Oberst remains
upbeat-- almost optimistic-- employing none of his vocals' trademark warbles
or weepiness. It makes sense, in a way: sing about the end of the world,
sound happy. Sing about breakups, sound like it's the end of the world.

Four Winds

Four Winds

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