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I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning

Author: Erin Fine
11/07/2005 | Eugene Register-Guard | | Live Show Preview
The lowdown: A single harpist plucking an eerie, almost carnivallike
melody. Lead singer Conor Oberst soon emerged and began to sing. The crowd
went berserk. Such began Bright Eyes' show Wednesday night at the McDonald
Theatre, the group's first Eugene performance since 2002.

The band is on its third tour of 2005, showcasing a mélange of songs from
older, newer and yet to be released albums. The concert was a refreshing
return to a more classic concert style after the band's previous tours
focused primarily on its new album.

The bottom line: ``This wasn't an OK night. This wasn't a good night. This
was a great night,'' Oberst said, capturing the tone of the evening after
the band's performance.

The good stuff: The crowd exuded a mellow vibe, quite unlike the hoard of
crazed ``I heart you Conor'' fans we thought we'd find. Though many were
dressed as Oberst look-alikes, they seemed as if they were there because
they genuinely liked the music, not just the look. It was exhilarating to
see fans excited about seeing a band they love, clinging to every word
uttered, every song introduced and every political comment preached.

The other stuff: Wednesday night concerts are exhausting, but an encore
would have been nice.

The final grade: A