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Letting off the Happiness

Author: miles curtiss
11/02/1998 | Supafly | Keweenaw | Album Review
The enigmatic young man who calls himself Bright Eyes is quite a grand song writer. You may not always see it coming, but his music and especially his lyrics hit you in a way that never lets you doubt the absolute truth of what he's saying. I am also keen on the way he writes a love song. His sweet sonnets are never about being enamored by a lovely young lady, instead the passion he ruminates on is that of a time and place, of salvation and a more innocent definition of the word hope. Songs like "The City has Sex," "Tereza and Thomas," "Pull on My Hair," and "June on the West Coast" show his sorrow that springs from ending a love affair with the future and having a one night stand with the present.


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