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Every Day and Every Night

08/01/2000 | Burning Jelly Zine | Album Review
This is the kind of music I would want to make if I were a musician. Extremely personal lyrics, imperfect and gritty music, vocals soaked with passion-sometimes quivering with emotion. Only one other band I've ever heard can even come close to the sincerity conveyed through these songs (Deadwood Divine). This 5-song EP is by far the best musical purchase I have made in over a year (and being the crazed music geek I am, that is saying a lot). The homegrown

folk-rock sound of Bright Eyes magnifies the intensity of the subjects covered in their songs such as depression that leads to a viscious rut of drinking, undereating, and ultimate dispair, the yearn for love, lonliness and others. The lead singer and songwriter of the group, Conor Oberst has been recording songs since he was 14 or 15 and has managed to hold on to an odd, tired innocence, bringing it head to head with the despair and reality of growing up in his songs. Something tells me, my local record shop will soon tire of me asking them to find copies of older Bright Eyes releases.

Favorite Tracks: A Perfect Sonnet & A New Arrangement


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Cassadaga (Remastered)

Cassadaga (Remastered)

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