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I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning

Author: Jeff Schmidt
12/06/2004 | Total Riot | | Album Review
The second of the Bright Eyes albums to be released on January 25, 2005. I'm Wide Awake It's Morning is the more "mellow" of the two, and consist of some familiar tunes that fans of Conor will recognize from either live shows over the past year or from television appearances on late shows with either David Letterman or Craig Kilborn and have come to love. "One Foot In Front of The Other" which first appeared on a Saddle Creek Comp. and is now renamed to "Landlocked Blues" is re-worked for this and features a very triumphant sounding horn section and also a female vocalist which counter-acts Conor voice very beautifully. You can really tell that Conor has also really grown as a songwriter in many ways and he really shows it on some of the stand out tracks on this album. Song's such as "Poison Oak" ,the single "Lua" which recently moved from #18 to #1 on Billboards Hott 100 single sales to "First Day of My Life" and "Old Soul Song" make you really feel the emotion not only coming from Conor's voice but also from his guitar and you can just imagine him locked away in his NYC apartment just singing away. While this might not be for everyone keep in mind that there still is a heavy influence of folk music and some songs really lean in that direction., known as the our generations Bob Dylan, this release further gives Bright Eyes all the hype that the band and Conor have been receiving lately, honest heartfelt lyrics not only about love and heartbreak but also about the problems with the world in which we live in. It might take you a couple of listens to get into it but once you do and realize the talent behind this 24 year old ,you won't be able to put it down .