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Letting off the Happiness

Author: scott becker
12/01/1998 | Option's Insidereport | Album Review
LOVE IN LOW FIDELITY: I hated the new CD by BRIGHT EYES when I first heard it. But a certain little something about the disc must have snagged on my brain. And multiple plays revealed the truth: Letting Off the Happiness isn't just
another stupid bit of bedroom studio lo-fi indie rock ephemera. No no no - it's an incredibly accomplished and intelligent bit of bedroom studio lo-fi indie rock ephemera. I mean, don't pick this up and go "Where's the single?" - is that the first thing you'd ask Elliott Smith? Instead, this is an alternative rock record to savor slowly, though it may well be worth asking whether there's something even more accessibly brilliant up songwriter Conor Oberst's tattered, thrift-store sleeve.


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