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Every Day and Every Night

Author: JM
11/01/1999 | Skyscraper | | Album Review
Conor Oberst, the driving force behind Omaha, Nebraska's Bright Eyes, wears his heart on his sleeve; so much so that the subsequent emotions that pour from his music have the power to truly affect people. With lyrics such as "Lately, I've been wishing I had one desire, something that would make me never want another...", it wouldn't be surprising if someone was to attempt pinning Bright Eyes down as another whiny emo offshoot. But with Conor's ability to bring familiarity and honesty to his songwriting, the pain comes alive for the listener. You hear a line like "You stand near the sink while you're mixing a drink, you think you don't want to pass out where your roommates will find you again," and you remember that moment in your life and the feeling of that moment returns. The Bright Eyes sound is an elegant yet offbeat mix of acoustic guitar, keyboards, and youthful, angst-ridden vocals that inevitably spark reminisces of Sentridoh or Portastatic. Like those lo-fi forefathers, Bright Eyes presents a personalized, yet recognizable, atmosphere that explodes into a fuzzy and forceful emotional rampage. The intimate self-revelation and personal self-indulgences found
on Every Day and Every Night balance themselves out so that the listener may partake in that bleak melancholic state we all sadistically like to place on our tattered heart-sleeve.