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A Collection of Songs Written and...

Author: ET
05/01/1998 | 3 Syllables | Album Review
If the dates weren't so explicitly stated in the title, I would have said that these songs go back as far as 1989. Not that I know anything about what the Bright Eyes fella was doing in 1989. It's just I feel like I know something about these songs and it has to do with 1989 and promises and cigarettes and basement recordings and a certain sincerity that disappeared from the earth by about 1992. But a little puddle apparently lingered in the Bright Eyes guy's (sorry, I don't know his name) basement, where these songs were gradually and laboriously recorded to 4-track. Twenty lo-fi lullabies, with the vocals more fuzzed out than the guitars, recall Sebadoh and early Flaming Lips, but only in the most rudimentary of ways. "Consistency like that which I have craved is that people change so unexpectedly," admonishes "I Watched You Taking Off," and "we can hang out all night long, lay in bed and talk to a good friend because you only get older and you probably forget what it was like" warns "Feel Good Revolution." "Never really intended to be released," the liner notes say of these songs, which made me swallow my only complaint- that twenty songs was a bit too many. But I'll sure take twenty delicate flowers of suburban idle and angst over none at all. Rock is for basements. Breath is to breathe.