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Enchanted Islands

Author: Greg Edwards
08/16/2009 | | | Album Review
The Post-Prog Rock aggregate Beep Beep hails from Nebraska and have been mixing & matching tones since 2001. Their second album "Enchanted Islands" (Saddle Creek) came to me via a friend. It was released last March, but good music is always timely so we need to consider them.

First off, according to the jewel case copy, this is a kind of virtual voyage to the Galapagos Islands, but only in some metaphysically cosmic sense. The quartet plays rather inimitable music, combining intricacies that touch upon the influences of Beefheart and some of the more intelligent, musically sophisticated groups making residence in newly repopulated Alt and Prog camps.

The guitar parts are really interesting, with jagged lines, chords and motival hooks that stand out. The songs are well conceived and rock with alternating fire and a gentle quality. Lyrics are daydreamy, like a sunny summer afternoon spent under a tree feeling the slowly warming grass under your bare feet.

This is an excellent example of why guitar-based Rock has in no way exhausted its possibilities. And I wouldn't just say that to be nice. There's nothing in it for me but the true pleasure of good sounds. Beep Beep provides a great deal of that.


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