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Enchanted Islands

Author: Chris Brancato
03/05/2009 | | | Album Review
Beep Beep makes their unimpressive return to the music scene with Enchanted Islands. Enchanted Islands is a musical disaster, often incorporating bland guitar riffs, and amateurish song structure. Lead singer Eric Bemberger's inability to find his own personal identity and a feasible melody often makes it painful for the listener.

Enchanted Islands opens with a fifty five second intro where Bemberger welcomes the listener uncomfortably by singing "Hi childrennn," where he successfully conveys the pedophile approach that he may/may not have been trying for. "Mermaid Struggle" offers odd variations, where minor noted guitar riffs scramble throughout the verses, and dull bass lines offer little accompaniment. Bemberger possesses a certain creepiness that lurks throughout most songs, and on "Mermaid Struggle," the high-pitched harmonies become overwhelming. This isn't a good sign only two songs into the album.

Enchanted Islands is full of distasteful, generic lyrics such as on "Secrets For The Well" where Bemberger sardonically bemoans "People told me since I was young, that I could be anything I want… Then I proved them all wrong." Or "Baby Shoes'" laughable opening-line "I floss my teeth with a strand of your hair." Unfortunately, where lyrics and vocals lack, music does not make up. The main tiff with Enchanted Islands is its ghastly horrible structure of songs. Bridges are barely existent, and choruses never acquire any viable hook. This isn't a case of an artist being an Avant-Gardist either. The tracks are often indistinguishable, other then when Bemberger transitions from one singing persona to the next, all consistently remaining unpleasant.

The only thing that kept Enchanted Islands from receiving a measly 1 star review is the fourth track in, "Return To Me." "Return To Me" features a delicate array of broken chords, and gentle percussions that inhibit the listener to actually feel something for the first, and only time while listening. "Two Spirit" is the one time where Beep Beep eliminates their dreadful musical section in replace of some more awful musical arrangements on the keyboard, coming off as a total failure and genuine rip-off of Radiohead during their Kid A days.

It's saddening to say that Beep Beep is signed to the same record label that has produced such wonders as Bright Eyes and The Faint. Throw in the towel while you're young boys, the MTV age has run its course.


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