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Enchanted Islands

Author: Dave Segal
03/30/2009 | The Stranger | | Live Show Preview
The Show Is the Rainbow (Lincoln, Nebraska's Darren Keen) purveys electronic pop that can be as cutesy as his moniker, but with unexpected spazzy dynamic shifts and quirky vocal arrangements occasionally surfacing. His new album, Wet Fist (Retard Disco), follows in the lineage of early Beck and eels: DIY bedroom auteurs whose winsome weirdness will attract misfits from all over. Omaha duo Beep Beep's Enchanted Islands (Saddle Creek) is more conventionally pretty than Wet Fist, but it also bears some jaggedly angled tunes and frayed guitar textures that suggest they hold Captain Beefheart's Magic Band close to their bosom. Beep Beep, therefore, are Saddle Creek's most interesting artist.


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