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Enchanted Islands

02/04/2009 | | | Album Review
Has it really been five years since Beep Beep came in to my world with the angular pop explosion that is Business Casual? It was Fall 2004, I was in NYC for CMJ and they played the Saddle-Creek showcase and blew me away with their catchy licks and cooky looks.

So here we are, years later. You would think that they Omaha band broke up, but they didn't. Since 2007 they've been in and out of studios, laying down almost two dozen songs, 14 of which make up Enchanted Islands. Due out March 24th on Saddle-Creek, the band looks to reclaim their throne as being a band that everyone should be all about. I know I cannot wait.

Enchanted Islands:
1. I See You!
2. Mermaid Struggle
3. Secrets For The Well
4. Return To Me
5. The Whispering Waves
6. The Lion's Mouth
7. Goodbye Sunshine
8. Wooden Nickels
9. Seppuku
10. I Miss You
11. Mortal Warrior
12. Baby Shoes
13. Two-Spirit
14. Only See Me


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