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Enchanted Islands

Author: Tom Semioli
03/30/2009 | Amplifier | | Album Review
Ready for a far-out concept album? I'll do my best to bottom line the story as the liner notes are most confusing, though well written: "Eric Gray" is set to the task of illustrating, through sound, the work of Dagmar Krause, Kate Bush, and Alison Krause. The problem is his gendered voice - he's a dude. "Christopher Terry," who may have worked on Wall Street, seeks salvation by way of "smooth music" a.k.a. Adult Contemporary. The couple, sensing their own love tragedy, find sanctuary deep within a tropical cave. The Enchanted Islands song-cycle represents a journey illuminated by the clash of willful escapism with the looming inevitability of "adult choices" for Messrs. Terry and Gray. Got that? I reckon the libretto to Tommy and The Wall didn't make much sense the first time around either.

Regardless, the lads of Beep Beep (Ben Armstrong, Eric Bemberger, Chris Hughes, and Darren Keen) are most adept at creating wondrous melodies enveloped in sound-scapes that evoke comparison to Sigur Ros, David Gilmour's Pink Floyd, the Yorke-ian triumvirate of Coldplay/Travis/Keane, and the master of them all Brian Eno. The blues and prog-riffs that underpin "Mortal Warrior" and "The Whispering Waves" provide some of the biggest thrills, as do the angular motifs within "Mermaid Struggle." The country twang of "Return To Me" is another enjoyable oddity, in a record filled with accessible eccentricity. Highly recommended for fans of the above mentioned references, and throw in Robert Fripp and Adrian Belew too!


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