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Enchanted Islands

Author: Tom Haugen
03/24/2009 | | | Album Review
Beep Beep are the anomaly on the Saddle Creek roster (home to such luminaries as Cursive and Bright Eyes), playing a very eclectic, unusual brand of indie rock that has drawn comparisons to XTC, Gang of Four or Wire.

Beep Beep's first record ('Business Casual') was an extremely bizarre blend of erratic, spazzed out rocknroll with underlying melody and enticing weirdness from beginning to end. This is essentially round two of Beep Beep's insanity, with more odd guitar sounds, disjointed melodies and unorthodox pop arrangements. There is a more noticeable new wave influence on this disc, bringing XTC to mind again, and the songs range from disco/punk to folk/country influenced and even a piano ballad.

'Enchanted Islands' contains some amazing songs ('Return To Me'), as well as some very out there songwriting. You won't hear two songs sounding anything alike here, and this truly surpasses comparisons. As a reference point, think The Faint and Cursive mixed with some XTC, though even that doesn't really truly illustrate Beep Beep's sound.
Much like their first effort, this is either going to be embraced for its uniqueness and willingness to bypass the status quo, or shunned for its eccentricity and overall oddness. Personally, I think it's genius.


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