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Enchanted Islands

03/02/2009 | | | Album Review
Talk about an acquired taste. If you're looking for something you can understand, appreciate, and dump all within the scope of a day or two, Enchanted Islands probably isn't the right album for you. Beep Beep is the duo consisting of Eric Ray and Christopher Terry. The folks at Saddle Creek came up with a one-liner that does a good job of describing this one: "Enchanted Islands is a bewitched fantasia for a mysticized and genetically mutated Galapagos Islands." To try and describe the overall sound... Ray and Terry write and record modern electronic-based pop that sometimes sounds strikingly subdued and normal while at other times it sounds slightly off-kilter and peculiar (the Captain Beefheart-inspired jagged atonal guitar riffs certainly add an odd twist to some of these compositions). After spinning this l'il sucker about a dozen times...we found that the more familiar the songs became the more we liked 'em. Solid mentally-challenging cuts include "I See You!", "Mermaid Struggle," "Goodbye Sunshine," and "Only See Me." Recommended if you like different flavors. Rating 5++


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