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Hold On Love

Author: George Koroneos
12/09/2003 | | | Album Review
Why does everything on Saddle Creek records sound like the soundtrack to a cold November evening? The sound of dead leaves crumpling underfoot, the whistling wind, waves of dark white clouds overhead.

Azure Ray is no slouch in the Winter misery department. From the first notes of Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor's keyboards on The Devil's Feet the scene is set for a creepy story of a girl who fought the devil to save her soul. Throughout the track Mike Mogis's signature digital noise break up the piano's monotony and help build the dreary soundscape.

New Resolution continues the melancholy mood with a dark yet upbeat drum and bass number that features a fabulous chorus of strings. "Move on, move on it's like the clock is pacing/Move on, move on no there's nothing changing," the ladies sing as music crashes around them.

The sultry singers sing hauntingly like early Tori Amos in here Winter phase, but show the flame headed songstress up with layers of creepy production and ambient sound arrangement by Eric Bachmann. Listeners are easily mesmerized by the way Fink and Taylor can switch easily between guitar, piano and orchestra while never breaking from the overall feel of the record.

If you need one soundtrack to autumn then this should be it. By the time you get through this record, you'll be wishing for Spring, and begging to see Azure Ray live.
Hold On Love

Hold On Love

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