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Hold On Love

Author: Mike
10/24/2003 | | | Album Review
After releasing both their debut and their sophomore efforts on Warm, the duo Azure Ray teams up with Saddle Creek for their third album, Hold On Love . Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor took all of the past elements that have trademarked their haunting art down a slightly bolder path which rests as the make-up of the album.

Opening with "The Devil's Feet" the listener may be expecting another electronic record taking off right where last year's Burn and Shiver left off. But these two are going to break some new ground for themselves. It's not a transition that is really surprising, yet it's refreshing which makes this album that much more interesting.

As mentioned before, Azure Ray have crafted some of the boldest material showcased in their career thus far with tracks like "New Resolution." It is a patient track that barricades into a creepy chorus with string instruments and electronics layered over Fink and Taylor's unmistakable reverberating voices.

"If You Fall" is the most surprising track you'll hear on Hold on Love . Why? Because it's actually upbeat with piano bouncing around the keys. A simplistic drum beat hides the echoing strings until the end of the song where the piano and drums slowly, and perfectly, fade, transforming back into the haunting-yet-intimate sounds of Azure Ray.

"The Drinks We Drank Last Night" would be an absolute perfect fit on the November EP with the two repeating in perfect harmony on the chorus "If you see these tears fill in my eyes/ It's just the wind that makes me cry/ If you could feel this pain inside / It's from the drinks we drank last night." Brilliant!

Though Azure Ray expand their horizons a bit with Hold On Love it's mostly a collage of all the best elements these two have shared since their inception. If you like the intriguing and often hypnotizing sounds of Azure Ray, Hold On Love is not going to disappoint; it's going to bring you closer to accepting the fact that they will never put out a bad release. It seems impossible for them.

Hold On Love

Hold On Love

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